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Jmeter Course Outline:

Module1: Performance Testing Introduction
Module2: Jmeter Introduction
Module3: Working with HTTP Proxy server
Module4: Thread Group
Module5: Samplers
Module6: Logic Controllers
Module7: Pre and Post Processors
Module8: Timers
Module9: Assertions
Module10: Configuration Elements
Module11: Listeners
Module12: Jmeter Functions
Module13: Bean Shell Scripting
Module14: Jmeter in Non-GUI and Distributed Mode
Module15: Report Analysis and Monitoring Resources
Module16: Testing Restful Webservices
Module17: File download and upload
Module18: Selenium Jmeter Integration
Module19: Connecting with MYSQL Database
Module20: Best Practices
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Performance Testing Introduction

  • Introduction to Performance Testing of Web applications
  • Technical Jargon -Functional/Regression Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Ramp-up
  • Threads/Users
  • Business Process
  • Performance Testing Tools
  • Performance Testing requirements/needs
  • Performance Test Life Cycle
  • Performance Test Planning
  • Load Modeling
  • Scripting
  • Bench marking performance criteria
  • Loading the test
  • Reports generation and Analysis
  • Bottlenecks identification
  • Recommendations and Implementation of the same
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Jmeter Introduction

  • Introduction to Jmeter
  • JMeter installation
  • configuring classpath
  • Launching Jmeter Interface
  • Get to know Jmeter Features
  • Overview of Jmeter Test Elements
  • Create a basic Test Plan to test websites
  • Executing tests with different settings
  • Reading Results of Test Plan
  • Adding and Removing Elements
  • Loading and Saving Elements
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Working with HTTP Proxy server

  • Test Planning
  • Recording steps on a website
  • Using HTTP Proxy server
  • Configuring the browser for recording the test script
  • Configuring Firefox Mozilla
  • Configuring Chrome
  • Configuring IE
  • Record and Playback on sample site
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Thread Group

  • Detailed look at Elements of Test Plan
  • Thread Group Introduction
  • Thread group - control panel
  • Single Thread Group test
  • Multiple Thread Group test
  • setUp Thread Group
  • tearDown Thread Group
  • Test plan and Thread Group interaction
  • Using Xpaths
  • Custom Thread Groups
  • How to add external plugins for Jmeter
  • Stepping Thread Group
  • Ultimate thread group
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  • HTTP Request
  • FTP Request
  • JUnit Sampler
  • TCP Sampler
  • OS Process Sampler
  • JDBC Sampler
  • Test Action
  • SOAP/XML-RPC Sampler
  • Webservices Sampler
  • Debug Sampler
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Logic Controllers

  • Once Only Controller
  • Random Controller
  • Random Order Controller
  • Loop Controller
  • Interleave Controller
  • Recording Controller
  • Simple Controller
  • Throughput Controller
  • Runtime Controller
  • IF Controller
  • While Controller
  • Switch Controller
  • Module Controller
  • Include Controller
  • For Each Controller
  • Transaction Controller
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Pre and Post Processors

  • Pre and Post Processors
  • HTML link Parser
  • HTTP URL rewriting modifier
  • USer Parameters
  • Regular Expression Extractor
  • XPath Extractor
  • Result status handler
  • Debug Post Processor
  • Assertion results listener
  • HTTP Cookie Manager
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  • Constant Timer
  • Gaussian Random Timer
  • Uniform Random Timer
  • Poisson Random Timer
  • Synchronizing Timer
  • Constant Throughtput Timer
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  • Why Assertions
  • Duration Assertion
  • Size Assertion
  • XML Assertion
  • XML Schema Assertion
  • HTML Assertion
  • Response Assertion
  • XPath Assertion
  • Compare Assertion
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Configuration Elements

  • Config Elements Introduction
  • Counter
  • Random Variable
  • FTP Request Defaults
  • Login Config Element
  • HTTP Request Defaults
  • Java request Defaults
  • User Defined Variables – UDV
  • CSV Data Set Config
  • HTTP Authrization Manager
  • HTTP Cookie Manager
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  • Introduction to Listeners
  • Aggregate Report
  • Aggregate Graph
  • View Results Tree
  • View Results in Table
  • Summary Report
  • Simple Data Writer
  • Graph Results
  • Save Responses to file
  • Generate summary result
  • Response time graph
  • Monitor results
  • Spline Visualizer
  • Mailer Visualizer
  • Distribution Graph (Alpha)
  • Assertion Results
  • Comparision assertion results
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Jmeter Functions

  • threadNum
  • intSum
  • longSum
  • doubleSum
  • StringFromFile
  • javaScript
  • BeanShell
  • machineIP
  • machineName
  • TestPlanName
  • log
  • Random
  • RandomString
  • property
  • P
  • setProperty
  • time
  • samplerName
  • V
  • FileToString
  • Custom Functions / User defined Functions
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Bean Shell Scripting

  • Introduction to BeanShell Scripting
  • Setting upBeanShell
  • Eclipse IDE
  • BeanShell Scripting Syntax
  • BeanShell Samplers
  • BeanShell Pre-processor
  • BeanShell post-processor
  • BeanShell Assertion
  • BeanShell Timer
  • BeanShell Listener
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Jmeter in Non-GUI and Distributed Mode

  • Test Execution
  • Executing tests in Non Gui mode
  • Editing a test plan in a text/XML editor
  • Jmeter test results in Non-gui mode
  • GUI support to view reports
  • Executing tests in Distributed mode
  • Configure the nodes
  • Start the servers
  • Configuring Jmeter Properties File
  • Distributed execution from a GUI client
  • Distributed execution from a NON-GUI
  • Aggregate Report - load jtl file
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Report Analysis and Monitoring Resources

  • Statistics available from JMeter
  • Average, Median, Deviation
  • Throughput, 90 Percentile
  • Server Monitoring using jmeter plugin
  • Resource Utilization Monitoring
  • Perfmon metric collector listener
  • ServerAgent batch file
  • Blazemeter Plugin
  • Server metrics such as CPU & Memory usage
  • Monitoring and analyzing CPU resources
  • Monitoring memory utilization
  • Driving JMeter tests with Ant
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Testing Restful Webservices

  • Restful Webservices
  • SOAP - WSDL, XML SOAP Message
  • REST based API
  • CRUD Operations from Jmeter
  • Sending Post Request from Jmeter
  • Sending JSON Payload
  • Asserting JSON Response
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File download and upload

  • Uploading a file on server
  • File downloading from server
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Selenium Jmeter Integration

  • Selenium WebDriver with Junit scripting
  • Integration with Jmeter
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Connecting with MYSQL Database

  • Selenium WebDriver with Junit scripting
  • Integration with Jmeter
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Best Practices

  • Best Practices Pointers
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