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Egg plant

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Egg plant Course Outline:

Module1: Introduction to Test Automation
Module2: Introduction to eggPlant
Module3: Creating eggPlant Environment
Module4: eggPlant Workflow
Module5: Introducing SenseTalk
Module6: Software eggPlant Features
Module7: eggPlant Live Project –Getting ready to work on a project
Module8: How to crack Appium Interview
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Introduction to Test Automation

  • Introduction to Functional Testing
  • Benefits of Test Automation
  • When and Why to Automate Tests?
  • A look at Different Test Automation Tools
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Introduction to eggPlant

  • Overview to eggPlant
  • Applicability of eggPlant
  • Benefits of using eggPlant
  • eggPlant Vs Other leading Testing Tools available in the market
  • Exercises – Module2
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Creating eggPlant Environment

  • Installing eggPlant
  • Installing a VNC Server on your system-under-test (SUT)
  • Exercises – Module3
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eggPlant Workflow

  • Open a test suite
  • Add system-under-test(SUT) to your connection list
  • Open VNC connection to SUT
  • Capture images and write scripts
  • Typing on the SUT
  • Generating Text Images
  • Finding Images
  • Re-using Code
  • Gathering and using Data
  • Reading Results
  • Organize your Testing
  • Trouble shooting a connection issues
  • Exercises – Module4
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Introducing SenseTalk

  • Overview to SenseTalk
  • Key Elements of SenseTalk
  • Values, Containers, Expressions, Chunk Expressions
  • Scripts Structure
  • Lists and property lists
  • Ranges and Iterators
  • Objects and messages
  • Commands and functions
  • Exercises – Module5
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Software eggPlant Features

  • Testing Mobile Devices using eggPlant
  • Cross Platform Testing using eggPlant
  • Rich Internet Application Testing using eggPlant
  • Performance Testing using eggplant
  • Exercises – Module6
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eggPlant Live Project –Getting ready to work on a project

  • Creating a Automation plan for a project
  • Develop Automation Scripts
  • Review of Automation Scripts
  • Automation scripts execution
  • Automation results reporting
  • Defect Reporting
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How to crack Appium Interview

How to crack Appium Interview

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