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ISTQB Course Outline:

Module1: Introduction to this Syllabus
Module2: Fundamentals of Testing
Module3: Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle
Module4: Static Techniques
Module5: Test Design Techniques
Module6: Test Management
Module7: Tool Support for Testing
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Introduction to this Syllabus

  • Purpose of this Document
  • The Certified Tester Foundation Level in Software Testing
  • Learning Objectives/Cognitive Level of Knowledge
  • The Examination
  • Accreditation
  • Level of Detail
  • How this Syllabus is Organized
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Fundamentals of Testing

  • Why is Testing Necessary
    • Software Systems Context
    • Cause s of Software Defects 
    • Role of Testing in Software Development, Maintenance and Operations
    • Testing and Quality
    • How Much Testing is Enough?
  • What is Testing?
  • Seven Testing Principles
  • Fundamental Test Process
    • Test Planning and Control
    • Test Analysis and Design
    • Test Implementation and Execution
    • Evaluating Exit Criteria and Re porting
    • Test Closure Activities
  • The Psychology of Testing
  • Code of Ethics
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Testing Throughout the Software Life Cycle

  • Software Development Models 
    • V-model (Sequential Development Model)
    • Iterative-increment al Development Models
    • Testing within a Life Cycle Model
  • Test Leve ls
    • Component Testing 
    • Integration Testing 
    • System Testing 
    • Acceptance Testing
  • Test Types
    • Testing of Function (Functional Testing)       
    • Testing of Non-functional Software Characteristics (Non-functional Testing)
    • Testing of Software Structure/Architecture (Structural Testing)
    • Testing Related to Changes: Re-testing and Regression Testing
  • Maintenance Testing
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Static Techniques

  • Static Techniques and   the Test Process
  • Review Process
    • Activities of a Formal Review
    • Roles and Responsibilities 
    • Types of Reviews
    • Success Factors for Reviews
  • Static Analysis by Tools
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Test Design Techniques

  • The Test Development Process 
  • Categories of Test Design Techni ques
  • Specification-based or Black-box Techniques
    • Equivalence Partitioning
    • Boundary Value Analysis
    • Decision Table Testing
    • State Transition Testing
    • Use Case Testing
  • Structure- based or White-box Techniques
    • Statement Testing and Coverage 
    • Decision Testing and Coverage 
    • Other Structure-based Techniques 
  • Experience-based Techniques
  • Choosing Test Techniques
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Test Management

  • Test Organization
    • Test Organization and Independence 
    • Tasks of the Test Leader and Tester 
  • Test Planning and Estimation
    • Test Planning 
    • Test Planning Activities 
    • Entry Criteria 
    • Exit Criteria 
    • Test Estimation
    • Test Strategy, Test Approach
  • Test Progress Monitoring and Control
    • Test Progress Monitoring
    • Test Reporting
    • Test Control
  • Configuration Management
  • Risk and Testing 
    • Project Risks 
    • Product Risks 
  • Incident Management
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Tool Support for Testing

  • Types of Test Tools
    • Tool Support for Testing
    • Test Tool Classification 2
    • Tool Support for Management of Testing and Tests
    • Tool Support for Static Testing
    • Tool Support for Test Specification 
    • Tool Support for Test Execution
    • Tool Support for Performance and Monitoring 
    • Tool Support for Specific Testing Needs 
  • Effective Use of Tools: Potential               Benefits and Risks 
    • Potential Benefits and Risks of Tool Support for Testing (for all tools)
    • Special Considerations for Some Types of Tools
  • Introducing a Tool into an Organization 
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