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RFT Course Outline:

Module1: Introduction to Test Automation
Module2: Introductionto IBM Rational Functional Tester
Module3: IBM Rational Functional Tester Projects
Module4: Scripts
Module5: Script Results
Module6: Object Maps
Module7: Data-Driven Tests
Module8: Advanced Topics
Module9: Functional Tester Integrations
Module10: HTML Application Tips
Module11: RFTLive Project –Getting ready to work on a project
Module12: How to crack RFT Interview
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Introduction to Test Automation

  • Introduction to Functional Testing
  • Benefits of Test Automation
  • When and Why to Automate Tests?
  • A look at Different Test Automation Tools
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Introductionto IBM Rational Functional Tester

  • What is IBM Rational Functional Tester?
  • IBM Rational Functional Tester perspective
  • Views
  • Preferences
  • Test application domain support
  • Exercises – Module2
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IBM Rational Functional Tester Projects

  • Creating and managing projects
  • Enabling web browsers
  • Enabling the diagnostic tool
  • Enabling JREs
  • Script templates
  • Accessing Help
  • Exercises – Module3
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  • Script overview
  • How to record a script
  • Using verification points
  • Clipboard verification points
  • Image verification points
  • Using wait states
  • Inserting recording into a script
  • Script support functions
  • Calling other scripts
  • Comments
  • Logging
  • Sleeping
  • Timers
  • Message boxes
  • Creating scripts without recording
  • Exercises – Module4
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Script Results

  • Running scripts from IBM Rational Functional Tester
  • IBM Rational TestManager integration
  • Viewing results
  • Searching log files
  • Working with failed verification points
  • Changing verification points
  • Reasons for failure
  • Debugging scripts
  • Customized logs
  • Eclipse test and performance tools platform logs
  • Exercises – Module5
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Object Maps

  • What is an object map?
  • Viewing a test object map
  • Changing test object maps
  • Searching for test objects
  • Deleting and inserting objects
  • Object map properties
  • Sharing test object maps
  • Unifying two test objects
  • Exercises – Module6
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Data-Driven Tests

  • Data-driven testing
  • Data pools
  • Creating public data pools
  • Exporting and importing data pools
  • Associating a data pool with a script
  • Data driven test tips
  • Exercises – Module7
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Advanced Topics

  • Object matching
  • Object recognition scores
  • Object-matching sensitivity
  • Pattern based object recognition
  • Regular expressions
  • Object properties configuration tool
  • Script helper super class
  • Modifying options for script execution
  • Querying values of object properties
  • Determining the values of cells in a table
  • Iterating through table cells
  • Rational process advisor
  • Rational process browser
  • Importing and exporting Functional Test project items
  • Functional Tester proxy SDK
  • Searching for test objects
  • Extension for terminal based applications
  • Exercises – Module8
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Functional Tester Integrations

  • About CQ/TM
  • CQ/TM workflow
  • Test plans
  • Test cases
  • Configured test cases
  • Test suites
  • Test execution and logging
  • Defect management
  • Keyword functionality
  • Linking RFT and RMT
  • Publishing linked scripts
  • Integration with ClearCase
  • Exercises – Module9
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HTML Application Tips

  • Menu items
  • Address field
  • Toolbars
  • Pop-ups
  • Cross-platform issues
  • Trouble shooting functional tests
  • Exercises – Module10
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RFTLive Project –Getting ready to work on a project

  • Creating a Automation plan for a project
  • Develop Automation Scripts
  • Review of Automation Scripts
  • Automation scripts execution
  • Automation results reporting
  • Defect Reporting
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How to crack RFT Interview

Resume preparation

Mock Interview

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