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Trainers Outsourcing

There are several problems for the training institutes, some of the are –

  • Instant availability of Technical expert as a trainer
  • Maintaining full time regular trainer is expensive
  • Consistency of the trainer
  • High salaries
  • If you are from USA, Europe, ANZ and Middle East then pay for your trainer is much expensive

Overall, it will hit the profits for the institutes and brand name.

QA-Masters is well connected with hundreds of technical trainers who can provide part time or full time services for your institute or company at very economical price.You need to get only the training rest all we will take care.

What we provide –

  • Technical trainer for any part of the world, say USA, Europe, ANZ and Middle East / APAC
  • Very economical price
  • Onshore and offshore model
  • Your preferable duration and timings
  • And many more......

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